A Bee Story


The Sweetwood Mountain Mission supports real hives and real honeybees.

With every purchase you make we reinvest 100% of all profits back into honeybee and pollinator initiatives. 

Our goal is to support bees and the growth of our apiary for, well, more bees. And then more projects to support bees and pollinators more widely.

The heartbeat of our mission is the Sweetwood Mountain apiary, nestled in the breathtaking Bristol Hills of the Finger Lakes, NY. Established in 2019 with the vision of creating a haven for honey and maple, we've grown into a thriving home for ~2,000,000 happy honeybees, guided by the expertise of local master beekeepers.

Facing challenges in our inaugural year, we fortified our apiary with an electric fence to ward off bears and other predators. In a heartwarming twist, we welcomed Gunnar and Ziggy, two of the sweetest Great Pyrenees brothers in need of a new home, to stand guard and become integral members of our beekeeping family.

Our dedication extends beyond the apiary's borders. With a commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem, we meticulously researched and planted 7 acres of wildflowers selected for their high pollen and nectar values, catering specifically to our zone and appealing to our bees and other pollinators.

The results have been a symphony of nature's wonders—chubby bumblebees, graceful butterflies, and enchanting hummingbirds have joined our bee sanctuary. Our neighborhood has burst into life with vibrant flowers, lush foliage, and a bounty of vegetables and fruit.

Beyond the local impact, Sweetwood Mountain Mission is a testament to our broader vision. We've learned to support bees and have developed a sustainable business model to ensure the growth of more bees, additional apiaries, and diverse bee-related projects.

This year, we proudly introduce the Sweetwood Mountain Honey Co, offering premium, estate, hand-bottled honey and honey-themed gifts. Our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering; the majority of our premium honey is reserved for our buzzing companions, making it an exceptionally limited treasure.

We invite you to share the sweetness with your clients, family, friends, or staff through our premium offerings. A gift from Sweetwood Mountain Honey Co not only brings joy but also supports the vital cause of honeybee preservation. As we pour our hearts into each bottle, we believe your recipients will not only savor the sweet taste but also relish the satisfaction of contributing to the well-being of our beloved honeybees.

We believe they will love their sweet gift and supporting honeybees too.

Thank you!

Sabine and Greg

Chief Hiveologists

Sabine Steinbrecher and Greg Thompson