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Sweetwood Mountain

Artisan Handmade Wood Serving / Charcuterie / Cheese Board

Artisan Handmade Wood Serving / Charcuterie / Cheese Board

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Introducing our artisan handmade serving / cutting / charcuterie / cheese board, a labor of love crafted from the reclaimed Ashwood trees that grace the landscapes surrounding our honeybee sanctuary in the picturesque Finger Lakes, New York.

At 8.75x12 inches, each is a practical, charming board for your charcuterie, cheese, fruit, and of course honey! Each board is designed to serve one or two people and can be used together to build a stunning smorgasbord. They are a testament to the natural beauty of our region and the dedication to our bee mission. 100% of profits are reinvested back into our bee mission. It's much more than a cutting board; it's a statement of support for our honeybees and a beautiful addition to your table, made with love and purpose. 

Handcrafted individually with precision and care, these boards are unique pieces of functional art, celebrating the warmth and character of local Ashwood. Our commitment to sustainability shines through, as we repurpose and breathe new life into fallen trees, giving them a second chance to shine in your home or the homes of your valued clients, friends, and family.

To ensure the highest quality and safety for your culinary creations, each board is meticulously finished with a food-grade beeswax balm (made from our hives of course). This natural, eco-friendly seal not only enhances the board's longevity but also echoes our passion for all things bees.

But this charcuterie board isn't just about aesthetics—it's a symbol of our devotion to the honeybee cause. Every purchase contributes 100% of profits directly to our honeybee sanctuary, where we work to protect and nurture these essential pollinators.

Of course a lovely gift alone or paired with our premium estate honey, honey spreader, honeybee tea towels and more. We hope you will consider us for your next hostess gift, closing gift, client gift, staff gift, holiday presents, anniversary gift, Valentine's day, or for a special sweet treat for a loved one on their special day. 

🌍 100% of Profits Reinvested in Our Bee Mission: Your purchase goes beyond the contents of the box; it supports our honeybee sanctuary and bee mission, ensuring a sustainable future for these vital pollinators. Order now and be a part of our mission to make a positive impact on the world, one honeybee at a time. 🐝

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