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Backyard Pollinator Kit Gift Box

Backyard Pollinator Kit Gift Box

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Pollinator Bee House, Backyard Pollinator Kit and Gift Box


Mason Bee House

12 oz Jar Premium Spring Honey

Pollinator Wildflower Seed Packet

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Pollinator Mason Bee House

Why Mason Bees?

Mason bees are considered some of the best backyard pollinators due to their high efficiency in pollination and non-aggressive nature. These solitary bees are more effective than honeybees at pollinating flowers on a per-visit basis, making them ideal for boosting garden productivity and health. Additionally, mason bees are less likely to sting, making them a safer choice for family-friendly gardens.

Attracting pollinators to your yard benefits not only your garden but also the broader community by enhancing plant health and increasing biodiversity. Pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds promote more abundant fruit and vegetable yields and improve the overall quality of floral landscapes. This not only beautifies the neighborhood but also supports local ecosystems by sustaining a variety of plant and animal species. 

Increasing the number of backyard hives and habitats for pollinators can significantly impact our current pollinator issues, notably the decline in bee populations and other pollinating insects. By providing safe and nourishing environments for these creatures, homeowners can help counteract the effects of habitat loss, pesticide use, and other environmental pressures that threaten pollinators. More backyard habitats can lead to increased pollinator diversity and resilience, which in turn supports broader ecological health and enhances crop yields and diversity. This grassroots effort can contribute meaningfully to global conservation goals by stabilizing and even increasing pollinator populations, thereby ensuring the sustained pollination necessary for both natural ecosystems and agricultural productivity.

Now that’s a powerful gift!  

Gift Box Includes:

Cedar Mason Bee House

Enhance your garden's health and beauty with our Mason Bee House, crafted from high-quality cedar wood for greater durability. This ready-to-use bee house comes fully assembled with a stainless steel screw clasp, allowing you to easily hang it on a tree or wall. Designed to attract peaceful mason bees, it features optimal tube size and length, ensuring a perfect habitat for these efficient pollinators. The house helps improve plant pollination and increases garden vitality. For added longevity, coat it regularly with our natural beeswax wood balm.


  • Cedar and bamboo construction
  • Ready to Use: Comes assembled with all necessary fittings, including a rope for easy hanging.
  • Dimensions: 6.3"D x 6.3"W x 5.6H"
  • Perfect Tube Size: Features 5/16" diameter holes and 6" depth, ideal for mason bees.
  • Attractive Design: natural cedar beauty and simplicity 

12 oz Jar Premium Spring Honey

Immerse yourself in the rich, golden goodness of our meticulously curated honey. Sourced from our premium estate harvest only, this honey is a testament to the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes.

  • FRESH: Unlike other honey, our pure raw honey is packaged directly onsite, fresh from the beehive.
  • RAW: Unheated. Unfiltered. Unprocessed.
  • HEALTHY: Our pure raw honey contains healthy bee enzymes, pollen, propolis, and natural organic compounds all intact and undiminished.

Pollinator Wildflower Seed Packet

Your new mason bees and local pollinators would love a little help. Each gift box includes a packet of pollinator-friendly seeds, helping you to create a haven for bees and butterflies.

🎁Bonus Garden Journal!

Discover the perfect companion for your gardening journey with our Refillable Faux Leather Garden Journal. Crafted from high-quality, soft faux leather, this 7 x 5 inch journal offers a practical and stylish way to track your plantings and pollinator activity. The unlined, 200 gsm thick paper is ideal for jotting down notes, creating detailed diagrams, or sketching out garden layouts. The loose-leaf design adds versatility, allowing you to refill, rearrange, or remove pages as needed. Enhance your journaling experience by gluing in seed packets or attaching photos to document your garden's progress. Whether used as a planner, diary, or sketchbook, this durable and convenient journal is an essential tool for any gardening enthusiast.


🌍 100% of Profits Reinvested in Our Bee Mission: Your purchase goes beyond the contents of the box, it supports our bee conservation mission, ensuring a sustainable future for these vital pollinators.

This gift box is a wonderful gift that gives back for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, gardeners, bee lovers, real estate closing gifts, housewarming gifts, or hostess gifts. Limited quantities available—order now and be a part of our mission to make a positive impact on the world, one honeybee at a time. 

Note: The best place to put a mason bee house is on a south or southeast facing wall that receives morning sun and minimal wind. It should be mounted at least 3-5 feet above the ground and have no vegetation directly in front of the entrance to ensure easy access for the bees. To attract mason bees, ensure that your garden has a variety of native flowering plants that bloom throughout the spring and a water source (especially with stones or something for them to land on to drink).


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